Friday, 17 August 2012


Locked myself out again last night 2.30 in the morning am outside the cottage in my pants...come on the fisher cats, I am ready and waiting!.
Pretty good sleep otherwise.
So today was really the first day that I felt I could start something, thoughts have been permeating, percolating and the like, every time I walk back at night the total 3 dimensionality of the sound, the Cicadas and Bullfrogs is immense and a clear pointer the the breadth and depth of sound I need to achieve.  Also when lying in bed there is a certain fear as I mentioned before and I think that maybe a level of that fear might be conveyed as well, maybe in a slowing of the sound and possible glitching, I am not sure, these will develop with time, I have also thought about time-lapsing throughout the night the lake from my window, the darkness and faint plays of light on the water, last night was very clear and the night sky was evident, I think I will need that again.
Lunch today with a group of people from the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts (?) which was nice and again a brilliant meal from Jacob, my just how spoilt are we!

The afternoon saw me trying to sort out a dodgy email situation and a very good talk with Andy, re sound, use of software, creating 3 dimensional soundscapes in darkened rooms, all to hold in the pocket.

The rest of the day I have set up piezo mics in leaves, saplings, trees and a hydrophone in the water all to the mixing desk with speakers that I have been able to set outside curtesy of a very long extension cable, this was great and shows some potential, I recorded from the desk onto my recorder but haven't as yet had time to hear the outcome and it is so nearly time to go for supper.

The pictures show the mixing desk and the placement of the recorders, whilst writing this I have been listening to the Proms with a fantastic piece by John Cage of miked up cactus plants being plucked by players, how does this life work. I, by chance put the radio on to BBC radio 3 at 5.00 American time and this is on, here I am embarking on playing plants or listening to plants with the mics.  It is all meant to be.

I feel the ball is in a court!!!