Saturday, 21 November 2015

Lucky dip at the open studios


Pay five pounds to partake in the lucky dip, inside the sawdust will be 10 copper spoons by Louise Baker and 10 brazed steel amulets by Michael Fairfax, these are numbered and correspond to the hidden numbered stones in the sawdust.
We have made more of these and if you want to select on of Louise's or Michael's that are on display and negate the chance element then you pay ten pounds for the privilege of choice not chance.
If you would like Louise or Michael to dip for you send £5 or £10 pounds to hurstone studio, waterrow, Somerset. TA4 2AT before the 27th November 2015 

We will send you a photograph of all lucky dips on messenger if required, others we will post on Facebook.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Open Studio

Louise Baker and I are opening our studios on the 27th and 28th of November from 11.00 - 6.00.
There will be a lucky dip and there will be broth.
Plus of course tons of brilliant art work.

Workshop at Priorswood Community Centre, Taunton.

I have spent two days at Priorswood Community Centre in Taunton as part of an initiative between Somerset Wildlife Trust and Somerset Art Works as part of their "Routes to the River Tone' project (more can be found on their websites)

I set up with a table, chair, some examples of my ear harps and set to creating a new ear harp for the community centre.  The idea was for people to see me working as they got on with their daily lives, I explained the link to what I was making from a piece of hazel to walking in nature and what it can provide, and how nature can be easily accessed, and the  simplicity of making a piece of art/sound instrument with twigs and fishing wire.  I was surprised at just how much positive interest it generated across the age divide, virtually to a person they were enthralled, amazed and delighted.  The community centre kept a ever flowing supply of tea for me and I spoke to passerbys and shop keepers.
I created this large hazel ear harp with individually tuned strings, the sound from it was rich and full of tone to the listener but quiet everyone else.

hands playing the black and white strings

After returning to my studio I wanted to make another one quickly, so I found a piece of cherry wood and created this very small intimate but delightful ear harp, which also has a lovely sound, I seem to never tire from the joy of these ear harps.