Friday, 21 December 2012

New Book, Lacewing and Trowbridge latest

Yesterday I installed Lacewing and very proudly it sits in its new wet environment.

On wednesday I took samples to Cheltenham for the Trowbridge job and all was terrific there as they loved all the samples so all systems go for the new year as the production team take over.

Now to settle back for a few days into the readiness of christmas and the ensuing madness that produces, some say the end of the world, some just say that is a euphemism for christmas!!

Heres to a brilliant 2013 and those chinks of light, maybe some sun, maybe less rain, yes to more experimentation and music, more instruments in the pipeline, hopefully more collaborations and some cracking venues.

Blimey. nearly forgot.  A new book by Kyra Cane called makings and drawing has just been published and my work is within the covers.  It is a book about how makers use drawing in their work through different media from pencil to computer to directly, it feature many different artists.  A must for all!!  Here's the link:

Friday, 7 December 2012

Trowbridge et al

The job in Trowbridge has started.  A brewery trail for a new housing estate on the site of the old Ushers bottling plant.  It might not sound much but rather wonderfully it is. The client is very forward thinking and the opportunites to create something of value here is very good, at the moment I am designing various samples for a meeting later in december and then hopefully production can begin in the new year.

The various gigs have all gone well and I am creating a new music room at home.

River's wood has been very wet and not too much activity to date.