Monday, 22 April 2013

Trowbridge Centenary Benches Part 2

The benches have been coming along pretty well now, just need some cross beams added to the uprights, a good oil and all is good.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Trowbridge Centenary Benches

These benches of which there are five will have laser etched on the seat the centenary speech by the son of Thomas Usher recalling the life of his father and founder of the Usher's Brewery.  The speech is a great text of historical value.  These benches will inhabit a quiet square within the new estate.

making sure the wood is level in the laser cutter

Brian from Custom Plastics with his 'extension' to the laser bed

the words in the wood

Brian at the control desk lining up the computer file for the machine

Martin and Brian the boys who make in happen

another bench in and final adjustments, it has to be level or the depth of 
the laser cut is incorrect

one bench has no text, this is that bench

The first text bench is nearly complete


Oh and these boys can also repair glasses, as mine fell apart whilst
watching in awe.
It is always good working with Custom Plastics, so far any problem I have had they have found a working way around, they really do a great job, based in Wellington as well. Brilliant, thank you Brian and Martin.

Ceramic House Numbers

The Trowbridge Brewery Trail is going well.
The first lot of house numbers have been sent off to be fitted here is
Number 1.
To my initial design but then allowing the ceramicists to have their own artistic flourish, these have been made by
a very good practise in Wiveliscombe 'Fairfax and Dove'  comprising of Sara Fairfax and Jo Dove, they have 79 to produce altogether and are well on there way.
More pictures of numbers will follow as they are all individual in pattern and colour.