Friday, 18 February 2011

Music and the like

Work with the music has carried on, a week in Brighton with Jess taking the project further.
Our improvisations proving a total pleasure, the mixture of the laptop and logic plus Jess's minimal piano worked extremely well, a brief excerpt is on the WNO electroclassic site.
Meantime it looked for a moment as if the West Bay carving had got lost in the post and I was going to have to carve them again, a very worried foundry had seen neither hind nor hare of the blessed carvings, after a chat at the post office I discovered they were sitting in a sorting office in Narbeth west wales. They have been collected and the casting process awaits. I thoroughly look forward to receiving the bronze casts as the alchemy of process never ceases to give me huge delight and the buffing and patination process is fun.
The catkins are abundant in the wood, badger tracks pressed into the mud, bird song chirping, buds budding, the skeleton of the wood revealed before the spring bursts onto the scene in that teenage enthusiam.
Off to Rosliston in Derbyshire next week to hold some camera obscura workshops and a birthday.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

First Session With WNO Principle Players

That was fairly amazing. Two days, and in that time the players have created a fantastic interpretation of the 'Bees' the electronic score I created last week. Go the the 'electroclassic' site opposite to hear the score and see how Jo has been taking images and creating beautiful graphic images. Jess introduced them to the 'fibonacci graphic score' she had created, which they interpreted in many ways under her instruction. The players also gave us all tremendous delight in bringing in their favourite music and playing it to us and each of the other players. This proved to be one of those special occasions when the hairs on the back of ones neck have a life of there own. I feel very privileged to have been present. As it also was to have them created such a great version of the 'Bees'.