Friday, 22 November 2013

More video links of me playing in spaces around Somerset

You have already seen the film of me in Banwell Bone Cave, here are links to two more films by Richard Tomlinson of me playing at venues around Somerset, the first one is set in the Old Morland factory in Glastonbury:

and the second one is at a saxon round house near Shapwick.


Workshop Activites

 So the first cold blasts of winter come to the south west and I have been in my workshop keeping warm making a few things, firstly the 'Stringed Oak Limb' a limb gathered from the woods and a potential instrument revealed.  This one is strung with both metal{stainless steel} and nylon strings, a listening point is  revealed in the bark, and again I can only be surprised at the fantastic sound that can be heard placing ones ear to the oak.

After this a present for my good friends the Hartas's, they have wanted something for a while and a 50th seemed a good a time as any, so a bowl for their table to be laden with fruits seemed a good idea.


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Branch Harp

Another wood another harp.
This one has two sets of strings and so can be played with two hands, it also has a piezo contact mic which can be sung into. I will put a link to the video Richard Tomlinson filmed of this performance once it is finished, we are preparing for the concert and film presentation on the 1st december in Glastonbury of
his Echoes and Waves event, I will also post the flyer when I have that too.