Thursday, 4 November 2010


No image, a disgrace, pottering at hurstone studio these past few days, making a few camera obscuras in preparation to meetings in saltfleetby and Newark next week. Tinkering with my old bicycle from my youth, took it apart and have cleaned and oiled it, pumped up the tyres and today had my first solo ride on it for probably 15 years. Oh dear how unfit and how large are the littliest hills, I am moving to East Anglia or Holland it this is to be pursued!
Music, more tinkering with the Ipad in Reacatable app and Moog mode all very exciting some great sounds achieved and a pointer for further Gimlet-Eyed Mariners work and solo stuff under the Lepus non de plume. Also have wired up and Old Marshall valve amp and some old speakers to create and right old din in the studio today, guitar through a zoom box....oh boy more fun. And hot off the press looks like a record deal is happening for the Gimlets with the 'Slightly Off Kilter' label in Brighton. So maybe a cd out for the christmas rush!
No images but news of the old creative drive still working or tinkering.