Friday, 22 April 2011

Tis an age

Blimey life just goes on and I have realised that I have not put anything on the blog for ages. So here we go. WNO carries on towards the performance on the 3rd may to an invited audience in Cardiff. Jo has finished his film for this and I really can't wait to see the final version. The family had a break in Valencia and Carcaixent with cousin Sean, very hot. Lots to do on my return, A proposal for Cambridge, an application for the PRS New Music Incubator, one has to be invited and very kindly Jess put me forward, I really would love to get this opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with fellow musicians, sound artist et al. The Gimlet -Eyed Mariners have just had a great session yesterday, certainly one of the best and the recorded cd sounds brilliant, moving in new directions and Barry was on great form. Very enjoyable. The Blackdown Hills book 'along the wild edge' is out and looks great, obviously a brilliant cover! So all in all good stuff