Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Studio Shot

I have had a bit of time in my workshop at Hurstone and hope to get back in tomorrow after a period of time chasing paid work, with success I discovered today as I heard I have received the West Bay Commission. More of that on later posts. But for people who like to see artist studio shots here is mine. the piece in the foreground I hope to finish in the next week. there is a lot of drilling and carving to go yet and then of course the prerequisite burning.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Star Gazer

See below for details. I spent a wonderful evening with my 11 year old son lying on a platform in the garden last night watching 'perseids'. A lovely display of shooting stars in a clear sky listening to him talk about the stars, galaxies, the universe, ufo's and aliens. This sculpture just has to be called Star gazer in honour of that moment.


These I have been working on for a while, but yesterday finished off the removing of char and the polishing. Both cut from single limbs of ash from a fallen tree in the wood. They are a nod in the direction of japanese architect Takasugi whose wonderful tea house can be found at Now that is a dream commission. So anyone out there who could like to commission me to make a similar (not of course the same) sort of structure with my aesthetic I would happily accept!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cloud Benches

A circle of benches to lie on and observe the sky, the clouds in particular. Grouped together for the educational purposes of the centre. there is the possibility for further ones to be sited in more remote locations

camera obscura for rosliston

I haven't been making for a while but designing. There is the possibility of a commission at Rosliston in derbyshire for a camera obscura and cloud observatory. After consultations we have now gotten down to some design. So what better place to preview the pieces than on the blog.
There are various cantations of this design, but i will only put this one up