Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Crisis in the studio!!!

It's the 12th of september, it's 12.30 pm and I go to the studio to put prices onto the work before the private view at 4.00 pm. The doors to my studio will not open , I force them to and I find broken glass, fallen shelving and a fine mess. Wiveliscombe Carnival is in full flow and all people who could help me tidy are there, listening to music, eating fine food and generally having a good time. I have clearing up to do! Slowly piece by piece I remove the detritus. John Bone comes by and saves my bacon by implementing a propping system so I can move it without the rest falling and creating total havoc. Sara pops up for a second to lay a table cloth in her finery, but trooper that she is, gets stuck in and helps put heavy timber into the land rover. She has to go, she is judging the carnival floats. I manage to get the studio clear and clean just as they first people arrive. The private view itself is great, everyone very complimentary about the new work, sales, good discussions. By 8.00 I am ready for a drink and a flop.

Sunspots squared

An idea born in the winter and come to fruition at the end of the summer. the carved squares give a unification to the organic shaped wood (oak). the spots burnt using a convex mirror bring the elemental, the fire to the earth.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

SAW Private view

Please feel very welcome to come to my private view tomorrow sunday the 12th september 2010.

4 - 7 pm at hurstone studio Waterrow somerset. Ta4 2 at for those with sat nav

nibbles and drinks

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Needle Growth

I think this will be the last of this series for Somerset Art Weeks. Time is running out.
I have the Private View next sunday the 12th and alot of clearing up in the studio. I have one last sun piece to make which hopefully I will finish tomorrow and then bam cleaning time.

Berries of Glass

Finished this one today. Put in the glass and watched as the sun reflected off the surface. as autumn approaches the season of berries, this reminded me of the berries in the woods.
Charred surface absorbs the sun.