Friday, 25 May 2012

Humbucker Strings

Oh yes in the midst of all this I have played the 'NoiseFloor festival At Stafford University and Played with the Gimlet-Eyed Mariner's in Brighton.
This is a new instrument I made using a humbucker pick up and a volume control all wired within the instrument, these things are developing and more to come as I have a box full of harmonium reeds to make things with...ho ho ho joy.

Ingoldisthorpe Exhibition

After all the cargoes workshops I have been to Norfolk to install some sculptures for an exhibition at Ingoldisthorpe Hall called the 'Art Pilgimage'  Due to an injury I required help to install the sculptures so a big thank you to all who helped carry and dig!
The sculptures fitted well into their new surroundings. The exhibition opens on the 9th of June if anyone is nearby and I will be running workshops up there on the 10th- 12th and 23rd to the 26th, it would lovely to see some familiar faces.  Ingoldisthorpe is near Kings Lynn so I don't expect to many of my somerset friends to make the journey!!  They have a website if you what to see what else is happening as there is music, poetry, theatre the works over the three weeks.


Cargoes, has taken over my life for the past two weeks with a bundle of workshops with ages varying from 6  to  81, and what an amazing challenge that has proved, but working with the great cargoes team has helped and some terrific results have occured, strange synergies and coincidences, a bucket load of harmonium reeds for further playing and experimenting with, a small french harmonium made by Busson of Paris is now mine! friendships made. Hundreds of new drawings all created by listening to sound and not drawings with eyes but ears as the source has proved inspirational.  A few examples.

A Spectral Frequency image of the sounds they were listening to.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Tree Goddess Has Fallen

A private sculpture for Gordon and Katie, carved from an oak bow in their garden, the piece developed according to the wood and then today setting it into the wet clay and seeing this image the title leapt like a bewildered jaguar into my head.  It was never intended to be a goddess but it seems as if it is, diving headlong into the earth. It is also the horns of a beast of beauty rising in the summer lands as the water recedes.