Monday, 21 November 2011


Oh yes a new venture with Rupert Green.....The advent calendar has a new look online. Behind each of the 24 days before chiristmas will be a numbered door for you to open on the vimeo website, links will be shared via facebook, this site, email and hopefully spreading virally so please do your bit. Behind each door is something different, something beguilling or scary or sweet or? You open the door and discover

Monday, 7 November 2011

Long Bow

The Whitley Festival film makes it very difficult to see the "long Bow' instrument I was playing and the image of it outside my studio is also fairly tricky so I thought I might put these images up just to show it in more detail.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Whitley Arts Festival Reading

In the evening of the 29th October 2011 I played a solo gig at the Whitley Arts Festival due to an illness in Jessica Curry's family. I was to play alongside the film 'The Colour of Pomegranates' for 30 minutes. After an splendid evening watching an array of wonderful and strange short movies it was my turn. To close the evening and the festival, I have made a number of instruments recently, see old posts as well as the 'long bow' just completed. This was to be my first show where I wouldn't play a laptop, ipad or korg kaosillator to create a bed or loops, this was to be just my instruments through various effects. At the soundcheck all sounded good, the room had a dynamic and all was set. I clunk on stage and the evening went well, the sound of the instruments filled the room with ethereal otherworldly sounds, the audience bewitched by the wonderful images of the film and the sounds seemed to be enthralled. So a great evening, the instruments were stroked and plucked by an inquisitive audience after the show. My appetite set for more shows and more instruments what a few weeks this has been for music. I drove back to somerset late through the night, thoughts bouncing through my mind, darkness and motorway....very rock and roll...Let's have more!!!