Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Change of email adress

For years I have been michaelfairfax@eclipse.co.uk
as from thursday my new email will be michaelfairfaxstudio@gmail.co.uk
please use this address

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Koli Environmental Arts Festival

I am now in Finland, Koli in Northern Karelia. It is stunning, forests and lakes for the first few days the sun shone and it was hot as I thought about what I might do and where things might go.
As it is a National Park permissions are needed to site any work. The first few sites I chose were not permitted due to the delicacy of a number of plants in the vicinity, a shame but I carried on, talking with Teijo one of the organisers, eventually we found at a local wood yard some fallen Spruce where I could use the roots to make Root Harps, we decided on three of these, large, medium and small sizes. These will be sited at various points around Koli, by a church, in the Forest and the large one at the visitors centre Ukko Koli
Today Heikki used a tractor and ropes and pulled the roots from the ground ready for me to use. 
These now need cleaning away the debris and some arborteching before applying the piano 
strings. Of course today is the first day of rain.
Prior to awaiting permissions and the like I made a small Violin Stick for fun, which has gone done well and people have enjoyed playing, listening to the silk strings within the Aspen wood.