Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Brewhouse Closed Down the end of the pig?

Blimey the Pig was taking over my life and then wham....the Brewhouse closes overnight and the pig is no more....no more raising money for the Brewhouse, the receivers are in...Too late there.  No more pigs....but there is still a lovely children's book to buy and hopefully a good song will come out of the ashes.
How strange to immerse oneself in a project and just as it is launch it is halted, must be how the Titanic felt!  except without the tragedy and a film starring Kate Winslet although I have hope.

Must go
It's my 60th

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This Pig is taking over my life.

And now Bob Croft has written 'The Polden Pig' song, a little ditty that explains the story of the pig, he is hoping to get more musicians involved and for the song to be sung at the brewhouse auction in april, but for now listen to the song here with Bob singing and me, yes me on backing vocals!
The Polden Pig bring rides on.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Polden Pig

The book is launched and ready for purchase on the blurb website at :

a page from my sketchbook

So today all is revealed as the two pigs have been unveiled in Taunton
ready for their trip around the town before being auctioned on april the 27th at the brewhouse at 6.30
Now they go on their journey they will be visiting:

Taunton Library on the 12th Feb where I will be reading the story I have written about the Polden Pig
at 11.00 and I will have books you can buy.  And the 9th April.

The Museum of Somerset:  13th- 14th Feb and 10 -12th Apr

Corfield Hall  15th Feb

Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre:  16th - 22nd Feb and 13th Apr

Goodland Gardens:  23 Feb

Deane House:  25th Feb - 1st Mar

Castle Green:  2nd - 3rd Mar

Orchard Shopping Centre:  4th - 10th Mar    29th Mar - 5th Apr

Musgrove Park Hospital:  11th Mar - 15th Mar

Vivary Park:  16th Mar

Somerset College:  18th - 22 Mar

St Mary Magdalene Church:   2rd - 24th Mar

Ginger Fig Gallery: 23rd - 28th Mar

Waterstones:  6th Apr.  I will be reading here at 11.00 copies of the book can be bought.

Taunton Marathon:  7th Apr

The Market House:  8th Apr

Charity Auction on the 27th April at the Brewhouse at 6.30 onwards.