Friday, 24 August 2012

Burning, Burning, Bed.

Flint Sparker  I love these

Okay it is official the sofa bed has to go, sleeping on it has given me a split personality, one half unbearable the other half unbearable!.

So today has mainly been burning, burning wood and burning in the sun, because of having to burn the wood outside in the blistering ( I have them) heat, I forgot my hat which was folly to say the least and had to belt back on the bike to get my hat before I fried.

Okay anyone in blighty knows that when I burn my wood I have a large torch with various nozzles for differing areas, Mason at first comes with this little ones (see pic)

 he can see the foolhardyness of this and acknowledges that I will be here for the duration of my stay just burning this log, he goes off and to his enormous credit comes back with something I am more use to.....Hurrah for Mason.

In the past in England I have learnt that in the summer you make summery type artwork and in the winter the more physical to keep warm, well I have forgotten that....Phewee I sweated today if it wasn't for Jacob's meals I would be a trim 11 stone by now!!!!!!!

Today was a day of people coming to my rescue, Tess gave me black ink and a paint brush, Mason basically everything, including........a fanfare please.............a double futon mattress oh lordy tonight I will sleep the sleep of those that sleep!!!

Mad men keeps us going at night, the cicadas are still hard at it..I saw a Wood Chuck today which looked rather cute.


  1. Thank goodness for the futon, if that cures the sleep problem then its the garden shed for you on your return. Chickens will be pleased.

    Liked the industrial sized blow torch, that log looks well burnt now. We felt the heat from here.

    Love from S Blighty X

  2. thanks, sleep though is still a problem....yes I am missing the chickens.