Saturday, 18 August 2012

Acorns on Pianos

Is this a prepared piano? if so the link to John Cage keeps on coming.

A steady stream of rain last night into the morning, a saturday, a day to wash clothes and think about things, by lunch time I was ready to work, ready to go and tackle whatever, so replenished back to the studio cabin, tinkering with the sounds of yesterday, I was going to use the hydrophone but when I set off to do so someone else was on the raft, so instead armed with piezo and my zoom mike I went first on Mia's trail and then to the piano field for some (field recording!!) well recording the opened out piano playing it with sticks and of course an acorn.  I walked on to the eight mile river gently babbling accompanied by the sound of the cicadas, and recorded them.  To the wheel bridge again to record over the bridge and down to a lovely spot, a few pools, and the river is gentle and low and so inviting, the sun has come out, and all is very beautiful.
Back over the river and back along the track trying not to walk on snakes and to the cabin.  I download all the sounds and another step is taken.


  1. How funny I was just writing about John Cage! :-) Have an inspiring and magical time. x

  2. Lovely photo of the ready made piano, are they scary insects I can see underneath the wires in both corners? Walk sounds lovely too and have plenty to work with. Don't forget to put a wedge between the door tonight when you go out 'stargazing'. Love from us all, S.... X

  3. Yes this whole John Cage thing is weird and now feels so right.

    and those blooming insects are loving the blood of an englishman!, stars stunning tonight as I recorded a night walk.