Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mixing Desk Heaven. To the Beach.

Vibrating bass string on the F.T.

Late last night I found in my pigeon hole that my little mixing desk had arrived, this is good news as it now means I can add fx's to the Fibonacci Tree if I want to, so today I played around with it, a bit of delay here a bit of reverb there etc etc.  I had a lot of fun and the noises now coming from the piece are terrific, even more terrific!, surely not.

We after lunch went Lyme and the Florence Griswold Museum, a house full of American Impressionism, the artist's studios, a gallery and beautiful riverside site.  This was good, some of the painting were good, the artist studio excellent, good barns so all in all a place worth going to.

But our highlight was the trip to the beach, a private beach 'Old Lyme Beach Club' of which one of the women from the lunch the other day is a member.  This was old school colonial, all weatherboard and private.  the sea was 78 degrees and we all swam out to a floating pontoon where we dived and jumped and splashed in the sea before back to shore for a BBQ of tuna, chorizos, peach and lettuce salad, yes Jacob had come too! there was beer and wine and as the sun set the moon was superb.

What a great break for us all, like kids being let out at playtime.

A walk back again in moonlight to my shack, this time Andy wanted to come and as we walked and talked we noticed the mist on the lake, as ethereal as any Arthurian legend.


  1. Great you have your mixing desk, adds mountains to rivers. Envious of the swim, and mist on lake.

    Have you matched the sounds of the Fisher cat yet?
    All love, S x

  2. no...i haven't recorded the fisher cat yet!. swim was fabulous.