Thursday, 23 August 2012

Reversed brakes, Black snakes.

Okay a better sleep!  Long emails from blighty which I must find time to answer.
Into the woods on a mountain bike looking for V shapes in the trees to become the bridges for my 'fibonacci tree' instrument.  Good fun riding through the woods and one might say too much fun, as I came down a nice incline with a good tight left hander in front of me I thought brilliant the old back wheel slide, so I gathered a bit more speed and slammed on the back brake..............only to find that in America they have reversed the brakes and the left hand yanked hard on just stopped the front wheel and yes that was me having a rather undignified fall, still nothing hurt too much so I gingerly got to my feet and proceeded over the wheel bridge to the other side of the river and got all the bridges I could want.

So now got on with cutting the Fibonacci scale into the log in inches
That was as far a my log would let me go I missed the 55 by a matter of inches..........
The bridges will go on the wood at these intervals and I will stretch two piano wires along the length.
As we are being video'd this afternoon I set up an approximation of it, this is the photo to give an idea and played with the bow the intervals and was pleased with the variation, this is going to work!!.

Oh when I cycled back to get the bow another incident with the bike, this time going quite fast downhill to my studio there lying right across the road was a metre and a half of black snake, bloody hell I had to do some pretty nifty steering to miss the daft thing, but miss it I did.

Things are moving on, the sun shines, infact it was really hot today and I availed myself of the outside shower which was rather good.

Unfortunately my camera has broken, It doesn't focus properly any more, the only remote chance of a picture is to turn it on and not focus, just leave it and hope that the distance you want is the one it is giving.......not good so it looks like a new camera.

Anyone know of a good, reasonably priced, point and shoot camera.  The one I had was a canon ixus 700 which was marvellous until now, if you do know of any you can recommend please comment below.

Studio at night


  1. Fuji Finepix HS10 - er, mine, but a few years old now. It's been dropped off the roof of a moving car and survived to take lots more pics so good good good. Takes excellent pictures and's got 30X manual zoom. Unheimlich manuel, mein Herr. I'm told it takes VG high-speed video, but haven't figured out how to do zat yet

  2. Thanks Ralph, I will look into that, and notice you are the only one to comment here so a hearty thatnk you for that. Hope you enjoying da blog.