Monday, 6 August 2012

America- I-Park

So quiet as I am preparing for my time at I-Park in America, off next week on the 14th august, 4 weeks at I-Park and then two weeks of who knows what.  What am I going to be doing in I-Park?  I don't know for sure but i am there to do music, sound sculpture, to record sounds, make instruments? make noises, work in logic to layer and move the sound in space, maybe just make instruments in situ, in the 450 acres of woods and lakes.  I have 5 other artists there, one video, one light sculptor, one animator, one chamber musician and a creative writer, what a good mix.  4 weeks uninterrupted working, food laid on and the quiet, the darkness. I will bring a video camera as well, so may well do a film to go with the sounds, I don't know and this is the joy, time not to know.

I will try and keep this blog as a journal of my time there, to keep a record and to keep anyone interested up to date with events.

If you don't know what I-Park is, check out the website.

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