Monday, 20 August 2012

River, Whittling, Migraines

Oh yes another good nights sleep after recording the walk home again last night this time without the boy racers outside.
Today to eight mile river to put the hydrophone in the tumbling water and to record another time-lapse of the same.
This went very well nearly two hours of time-lapse and whilst I waited I whittled a stick, a stick to use for beating the trees when I come to record them and maybe the stick Boaz will hold when naked around the trees, (if this happens, it probably is only fair if I join him naked as well!)

Whilst whittling and recording a large deer barked and walk on its way oblivious to me being there and what a musky spell that deer had, I had to check it wasn't sitting next to me a few times!

Finished off, walking back I broke a bit of the stick which I whittled and put into a hole in a live tree, an impromptu sculpture.

After lunch I was stricken with a migraine, goddam it why? No stress, few screens, aaaaarrghhhhh.
so went back to cabin and lay down for a bit, after the flashing eye bit went I got into downloading the films and soundtracks from today, Boaz dropped in which was nice, we had a chat and he cut his finger whilst taking one of my knifes out of its sheaf (yes they are sharp), my health and safety record is fast receding!

After he left I carried on downloading and now ready myself for a fantastic meal again as Jacob is back.

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  1. Oh, no not another blood bath! Any chance of hearing any sounds sometime? Think I know what is causing migraine - maybe the alcohol! Go easy...
    Looking forward to vidio of you and Boaz naked, Ernest would be proud of you, Love from us all S XXX