Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Power up the Fibonacci Tree. Get video'd for I-Park promo

camcorder recording pine needles

Today saw Mason back so able to drive the mixing desk and speakers over to the red barn and power up the Fibonacci Tree..........all good here, she plays really well, a good breadth of sounds, I also added another bass string to the top leg which has a bit of tremolo when moved.....lovely.
I will put photos on tomorrow, the camera and me never seemed together at the right time!!!!
Did manage to break two of the piezo microphones, lucky I brought five with me!!!!, I might get some whilst I am here also a preamp for them.

I did a one hour long time-lapse of the pine needles and ants to go visually with the sound I recorded the other day, I think they will work and be part of the overall I-Park film and sound item I will be putting together.

Nancy came by to video us for the website and promotion of the open studio, my god it is all coming around very quickly.  she liked the time-lapse of the water from the raft so I will get that to her, and she video'd me playing the FT which I think went well so hopefully it will all look good.

Roman has downloaded the next series of Mad Men so the evenings are sorted, what a strange ritual this has become.

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