Saturday, 25 August 2012

The artists at I-Park with me. Fibonacci bridges, Migraines

I thought that it was time to show you all a portrait of all the artists here, well not all the artist because Andrew is missing, but here are the rest.

Tess Martin:  Animator:

Boaz Aharonovitch.  Photographer:

Roman Moshensky.  Film Maker:

Judith e Stein:  Writer:

Jee Soo Shin:  Composer:

As for me?

Today I have been making bridges for the fibonacci tree, all drilled and fitted.

I think I heard a Fisher Cat last night!!!!!!!! there was something terrifying out there when I walked home last night.

Didn't sleep so well last night!

Oh a got another migraine tonight.....buggerations.

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