Monday, 27 August 2012

Time-Lapse. Stringing.

Well that was a good day, probably the best here so far, strange that yesterday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and wondering what I was doing, what relevance does any of it have.  But today was a resounding affirmation that being an artist is what I do and what I still want to do after 30 odd years.
I reshot the time-lapse on the raft through the square hole to rid myself of the line of wood in the first effort, Boaz was so right to say that visually it wasn't working before, this one is so much better,

Time-Lapse  pond life

I also had a go at a 360 turn in the lake whilst time-lapsing, this was too quick it transpired on later watching but was an interesting process.  I also did a drifting time-lapse where I let the wind take me wherever it was going to, of course I ended up in the trees but it was a fun journey nonetheless and might have some worth at a later stage.

Later I strung the Fibonacci tree, which went well and after putting the two lighter gauge strings on I still had time to put the two bass strings on as well, it sounded good, some good resonance and the bass strings produce a harmonic from the two lighter strings when bowed.  There is a natural listening part of the sculpture which I think I may develop to give it an acoustic life as well.

I also found out that the 1/4 spanners they have here are perfect for tightening the piano pins, so I must get one before I leave.   Another fine day.  Photos of me curtesy of Roman.  Thank you.

 Still of Time-Lapse through studio roof

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