Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fibonacci Tree. Short video for Nancy.

Oh boy what a very poor nights sleep that was, but made some use of it and created a time-line for the sound and vision I intend.  But I do feel fairly rubbish today, it rained in the night which was nice.

No breakfast today, just up and see Amanda about siting the Fibonacci Tree for the Open Studio and I get the site I wanted which is in a hollowed area near the music studio.

I went over to photograph the FT and just had to have little play, oh my dear lord what fun that was.

Back to Pond studio to do the short video for Nancy's pre publicity, add sound and off she goes on here for you all to see.

time-lapse of water through hole in the raft

Applying for a Water Vole commission, as one does.

Day finished on a high note with a wonderful moonlit walk back from the house to my shack in the woods, can't remember the last time I did that.


  1. Hi Mister Fairfax so lonesome in Amerikee amongst the flowers and the Cherokee he feels so free to create some amazing artist-tree-ee-ee (just add banjo). Leafed thru months of blog trying to find out what 'a Fibonacci tree' does. Water time-lasp nice, Greetings from Bristol!

  2. Ah, mr Hoyte how lovely to hear from you. The Fibonacci tree makes sounds, using a violin bow the sound is different for each bridge length. It sings Ralph sings luck a Connecticut angel! The final film will be about 8 minutes long, tonight I will film dusk, having a great time, you will have to apply next year.

  3. Good morning, FT looks amazing, like the vertebra of an old whale, song of ancient seas. Was the lake man made? Does it form part of a longer river.Moonlight walk sounds lovely too. Keep well, love from us all S x