Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I arrived at I-Park in Connecticut last night American time but 01.30 GMT nearly 24 hours travel, cars, train, bus, aeroplanes got me here, stories of flyers, watching films, eating aeroplane food, debates about what tea is, and I have only just gotten here.  The flight from Detroit to Hartford was delayed because of electrical storms on the east coast!.  I got picked up at the airport by Brad and off we drove an hour later we were here, (here is near East Haddam) and I was welcomed by the loudest cacophony of crickets I have ever heard and they don't stop.  Hot and muggy and crickets giving it welly. He took me to my base at Pond Studio so called because it is on a lake, it will be my work place and sleeping place for the next 4 weeks, here I had not only the crickets but also the Bullfrogs, blimey earplugs in tonight then.  I settled in tired after all the travel and got my sofa bed into a horizontal position and then lay in darkness, a fitful sleep but not untoward, early start and thunder and lightening all around, rain pounding down, I lay, listened and rested into the morning, until it stopped.  I walked the half mile walk to the main house to make a pot of tea and some toast and acquaint myself to the house and the place a bit, it was still only 9.00.  More artists will arrive this afternoon and evening. It was Brads last day in the job so I won't see him again, which is a shame.  I met Mason today who will look after us all, we got a water cooler, kettle, mixing desk, down to my studio.  He showed me the barn for making which looks very well equiped and I will be able to pretty much make what I want.  The sun is out it is hot and in a minute I will go for a stroll.  I am liking it already, the fatigue is a good fatigue.  My fellow artists are from Korea, Russia, Israel, another from the UK and 2 from the USA.  I will take photos and post them here at a later entry.

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