Thursday, 16 August 2012

Introduction to the park

view from my studio

Last night was the first night most of the artists had together with the exception of Roman from Russia who was having a really hard time getting here and the Korean artist who arrives on saturday.  So Judith from philadelphia who I know from 20 years ago when I was on an artist exchange with Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art. Andy from New York but is english, Boaz from Israel, Tess from Seattle and I all settled in.  Chef Jacob cooked a great meal, later I went off to my studio bed at Pond Cottage walking through that sound of cicadas and bullfrogs again and settled down to sleep, a sleep of tick paranoia, itching and the like.

The morning came, the sound of thunder and rain, then sunshine, I checked into facebook to send a message to my son and he calls me up and we skype with webcam so I can show him the views, this was lovely, but I had a 9.00 meeting so no time for idle chit chat.

Off to the house for a quick breakfast and then a group meeting to explain everything I-Park to us.  Joanna and Ralph take us through the ropes and then Ralph takes us for a long orientation walk of the site and brilliant this was too.  A large black snake crossed our path, large butterflies, more humming birds and a lot of great art placed throughout the parkland, what a great place this is, inspiring and maybe at the moment a little overwhelming, tonight we do a show and tell after our meal to everyone, that should sort us out!!!  After the walk a quick bite to eat and then off the supermarket for top ups if needed, back, tea, and then a little rest bite before tonights session.

This really seems a tremendous set up and the supportive environment for creativity in all fields seems to be high, I can't wait to get going.


  1. Hey there! Lake looks beautiful, can you swim in it? And have you recorded anything yet? Love S

  2. see latest blog...not for swimming I have been told, very stinky!!!!