Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trips to waterfalls, Rowing Boats and Hydrophones

portable video and hydrophone jig

Today started well after a good nights sleep, and carried on in that vein.
After a cracking breakfast a few of us went for a walk down to Chapmans waterfall at Devils Hopyard and lovely spot it was, Huge rocks, tumbling water stills pools.

Back for a bite to eat and then an afternoon of time-lapse photography, designing a rather good jig for the camera and hydrophone I paddle my way around the lake for an hour, whilst the camera was taking a shot every second.  I couldn't wait to get back to my cabin to see the results and they are pretty darn good, the soundtrack wasn't though, infact there was nothing, so I took my hydrophone out this time and double checked it was working and went for a twenty minute row, this time thre was sound, very quiet, but sound nonetheless and the rhythm of oars and squeaks could be heard.  Back at the cabin I edited the sound down to fit the film, edited the film a bit, and at the moment I have something I didn't think I would have.

I have pushed my ideas along for the larger scheme of things I want to do here and after more recordings will press on with that, but things are coming together I think.

snake on rock

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