Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ants, Trees, Stone. oh and Roman

Not such a good night sleep last night....I thought I had cracked that one.
So today down to the woods to find an iconic rock to put the piezo on for a grinding and
banging session.  That was found and duly recorded.

Then to the Pine circle to try out the time-lapse and moving person idea, whilst recording the trees being hit, all these trees when hit have a different sound and I want to collect the tones and later put them together some order and stereo panning.  I put the cam corder on the brilliant gorilla pod and attached it to a tree and then let it time-lapse for just over an hour whilst I recorded me hitting the trees and dancing in and out of view in some madcap notion, I just looked too cuddly really and any strangeness was gone.

The recording went well, my highlight was putting the piezo under the pine needles only to discover an ant (large ant) moving about around and over the mic, it created a much more natural and gentler sound than I could have achieved and will become my highlight.

In the afternoon Mason and I took off into the woods to cut  a fallen branch for me top make my sound sculpture from, we took it back to the barn where I will work on it over the ensuing days.

So all in all another good day with lots achieved and set up for the oncoming days.

I have been here a week already..................blooming heck!

Roman on the lake

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Good piece of wood too. Can't believe its been a week already either but glad you seem to have gotten into your work stride. Love S