Thursday, 23 August 2012

Shopping. draw knifing, and talking.

The bikes I mentioned yesterday

So today I got to talk to the family and see Coco the dog they have got to replace me!!!!!!
Off to the red barn not to be murdered I hope, nobody here seems to know that old frightening poem, and I thought it was American.

Clearing away bark and bark debris from the three legs at the end of the main bit.
Saw Amanda and had gotten me a watch strap and mighty fine it is too and well suits the watch so three rousing cheers to Amanda.


More draw knifing before a trip to the shops and get provisions for ourselves, this basically means beer and Werthers, oh and a pack of mixed nuts to go with the beer of an evening back here at the pond.

at the shops tess, jee soo, and the pot bellied michael

Very hot and sticky again today, finished the draw knifing whilst Roman filmed and I was visited by Jee Soo and Tess which was lovely, I now feel as if I exist as a presence to some of the others now instead of this peripheral figure that appears from the forest at food times only to go back when it is dark to rampage the forest!!!

Looking forward to the outdoor shower in a moment.

roman and michael

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