Saturday, 1 September 2012

Playing. Spike Making. Moonlit Boat Trip

beaters I made last night

This morning was hot and I got into playing the Fibonacci Tree again, this time recording the session so I can use it later in the sound piece for the film.  Again the F.T. sang and droned and tweeted its morning away, Amanda and Roman came over and listened and later played themselves, they both were enchanted and Roman wants to use it in his film both visually and aurally, so that was a nice boost.

In the heat of the afternoon I chainsawed the spike that is to hold the top end of the F.T. up, it worked well and I am very happy with it shape, a bit of drawknifing to touch up.

I got overheated today and by 4.00 was aching and hurting all over so I went for the supine position for twenty minutes to try and realign my back, it did help although it still hurt.  I used the fantastic outdoor shower again and got myself back on track.  Had a good chat with Andy who has been ill all day, but he seems to want to use the sounds as well.  Roman who was ill yesterday has given me a script to read for his video for the voice over, he wanted an english accent, a paranoid english accent......

Obviously Tess our Mad Men queen had us full steam ahead for another 2 episodes before I left to go for a moonlit row on the raft,  the raft that has appeared in a number of previous blogs, but tonight was different, not a breath of wind as the moon was in the sky and on the lake, it was almost too bright, it was also very very magical and I can only suggest that if you have the opportunity to go out on a boat only lit my the moon you will feel a connection to life that is a very temporal  visitor.


  1. I really like the content of your post... thanks a lot for showing it to me ....keep it up . .love it,
    wellhead compression

  2. thank you, glad you like it and thanks for commenting.

  3. Nice spike! Sounds like nice creative interaction between you all, love x