Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lymes Disease, Romans Film. Home

Okay, so I ended up getting Lymes Disease, I knew that headache I got on the last day of I-Park was abnormal and so it proved.  A week later and my should and back hurting I checked my back and yes a large rash was there, the classic Lymes rash, a trip to the drop in clinic and all is confirmed, now on antibiotics and all should be okay in three weeks, so lucky I caught it early enough the disease is a horrible one that one doesn't want to get.

Romans film is now on vimeo I will link it here:  http://vimeo.com/49440206?action=share
it has footage of me playing the Fibonacci Tree which works well and shows the instrument in a good light, the film also captures I-Park well and feature Jee Soo as well.  It is a great film by Roman and I look forward to seeing others from him.

I had a fantastic time on Long Island with Scott and Sara, boat trips, BBQs, a trip to the Catskills, a lovely break before coming home.

Yesterday I flew home and feel good, a great nights sleep last night and now I have the St Marys Church performance in Reading to look forward to, more details to come on that, but I will be miking up the church with piezo microphones and with the help of pupils from Theale school we will play the church.

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