Monday, 3 September 2012

Editing, Watching, Hopyard Neck Fair.

Another migraine to greet me this morning, this is getting absurd that is four is 3 weeks, not good.
A morning of putting together the video of the time-lapses, that went pretty well and I can see the things I still need to film to make it work well, also I see that I need a better time-lapse camera, this one has held me in good stead but if I am serious about taking more I think better resolution is needed.

At four Jacob came by and took us all to the local fair, The Hopyard Neck Fair and it was all you would expect, ferris wheel and rides, exhibiting cattle, very good bands playing, food stalls and I must say once you have seen a 'Bloomin' Onion' the world is a better place, hopefully I will get Tess to share her photo with me so you can all see what can be done to an onion.

My Internet has been down all day, but at last it is back and Roman sent me a clip of the video he took of me with the Fibonacci Tree yesterday.  Here it is.

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