Tuesday, 4 September 2012

More Time-Lapse. Sound Editing begins. Oh and a Hoe up a tree.

As promised a picture of a 'bloomin'onion' from yesterdays blog, and yes that is one onion fried in batter.
Today it was back out with the time-lapse camera, filming

in the Piano field

on the wheel bridge

and up a tree on a seat used by hunters, 

I was shooting rocks, trees and grass!
That past a very pleasant few hours and whilst the camera clicked away idle thumbs got to work and a few mini installations took place, I found a whole load of old farm stuff, a hoe, two saws, a plough shear and I thought I might just place them in surreal places to give passes by a reason to smile at the incongruity of it all.

So the hoe is now 15 feet in the air atop a sapling, 

the saw is embedded in the side of a tree 

 the plough shear sits between two divided boughs.

I came back to pond studio and downloaded the footage, edited and place within the movie, at 4.00 I went over to the house to get some lunch, later I started editing in some sound for the film, Jacob gave up his labor day and cooked us the best BBQ of beef, potato salad, black-eyed beans and sauces to die for, yum.  Followed by strawberries and cream.

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