Friday, 7 September 2012

More Editing, The Promo Video is Launched, Goodbye to Boaz.

Today after all the rain was set fair, but I spend most of it at the computer screen doing the final tweaking of the sound for the video, some frustrations, need to have another look tomorrow to have a new eye....this are heating up as the open studios are on sunday and we prepare what and I we might show off what we have done, finished or unfinished.

We got the link to the promo video of the open studio, the link is:
see what we are all doing.

If Jee Soo and I are going to do an improvised piece on sunday I will have to make a more portable instrument so that may well take up friday and saturday.

Boaz is leaving today to go to a private of his work in Miami, it is with sadness that he won't be here for the final days, his work is exquisite, he has a dry and wry sense of humour.

A drink to you Boaz.

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  1. Great promo video, enjoyed seeing a touch of every ones work, hope all goes well for everyone on Sunday, S x