Friday, 28 February 2014

Keeping warm in the Studio: New Works

Yes it is cold in my studio, no heating, open double doors and the rain lashing down, day on day on day.  So to counteract that there is no better way way than to keep on making things.
Of course the West Lavington Show in June has been focusing my attention and another instrument has been, carved burnt and strung, oh and tuned.  At the moment it is called "The Wedge" if anyone has any other names please add to the comment list below and if something better comes up I will change it!

Also I have made another in the Colour Blind Test series, this I feel is an ongoing venture, as I am enthralled by the three dimensionalness of the way the light comes through the holes and almost creates a sphere.

And a quicky for the Art on the Block auction for the Musgrove Hospital a small ear harp with plectrum.

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