Tuesday, 11 February 2014


 Here is the latest piece for the West Lavington summer show.  The Gayageum is a South Korean instrument, one that I had the pleasure to play at I-Park last year when the Korean artist Jayoung Chung let me play hers.  It is a mighty fine instrument and this is more my take on it other than slavishly copying one.
I asked Roselle Angwin if she would write some haiku for me, that may be pertinant to the instrument and the fact that these would be placed outside and possibly be played by the wind as well as humans.
She responded magnificently and the words on this one is hers, please visit her blog: http://roselle-angwin.blogspot.co.uk/ for further information on her.
I will be playing these instruments alongside pupils from local schools during the exhibitions that runs from 4th june to the 22nd june.
More instruments to come.

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