Thursday, 9 June 2011

Theddlethorpe beach

I know you have all been waiting for the next image from Theddlethorpe, the beach with the most sky, the most sand, the most mostness. So last night I went for a walk and saw the moon and the tide and the sand and thought lovely thoughts. This is a terrific job at the Saltfleetby nature reserve, making Pepper's Ghosts and Camera Obscuras for an old pillbox on the sand dunes, thank you Ignite and the Breath of Fresh Air team for getting me on board this really has been a joyous time, in part of the country I didn't know at all and now have very warm feeling towards. Roger Briggs at Natural England has made life so easy for me here, always there when I need him. On Sunday we have the final event as the pillbox is open to the public with the camera obscura and the pepper's ghost. Katy Hewis from 'sciencematters' and I are taking school workshops on monday and tuesday, where the children will make pepper's ghosts in inventive and imaginative ways. Then, that is that, a farewell to Lincolnshire, I hope I will return again someday, hopefully with more work, but maybe just a visit to the unspoilt beach that is Theddlethorpe.
A secret.

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