Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Birkbeck school Workshop

Birkbeck School brought along 18 year 8/9 children to make Pepper's ghost and then see the camera obscura and my Pepper's ghost in situ. They did and what a great time they had, decapitating soldiers and glueing heads to crabs, making fantastic tableaus. Staff and pupils were all fantastic. Sci art in a heady mix. Katy Hewis from 'sciencematters' gave a powerpoint explaining the principal of the Pepper's ghost and Mr Pepper, she also did the candle trick and amused one and all with her wind up spout!
The staff were so taken with the workshop that they have decided to start a lunchtime club for the children to carry on making them and to create stop animation films of the activity on the stage.
That in my book is a result!

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  1. Sending out brilliant seeds. Great stuff