Monday, 13 June 2011

Image from camera obscura on sunday at the open day

The day was dry, then drizzly, then windy, and lastly very wet, but not until it had really finished. 50 plus people made the effort to come, but this little girl, her sister and mother were the stars of the show, they just loved it and couldn't stop playing around the camera obscura and just looking in awe at the pepper's ghost. A lovely day, the pieces all worked well in their new environment and I got this lovely image.


  1. Hi, my colleagues and I are attempting to construct a camera obscure similar to yours here in Kampala, Uganda. I would appreciate some advice on how to go about it



  2. hi mugeni,
    very easy really, a darkened space you can go into, a lens with any focal length and that can be a lens from a pair of spectacles, tracing paper or opaque material on a frame, move the frame until the image is clear and then hold in place.. After that it is all down to ones imagination. good luck and have fun.