Friday, 4 September 2015

Workshops at the Exeter Deaf Academy

Workshops with three groups of students at the Exeter Deaf Academy. I took in sticks, they whittled the bark, drilled holes, threaded nylon string and by the end of the session had all created a 'Fiddlestick" a stick which can be played by a bow or plucked. That can only be heard by placing ones hear onto the wood, there is no sound chamber so no one else can hear the sound.  I have discovered after my exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery a few months ago that a lot of the deaf can hear these sounds through the vibration in the wood and for many it is the first time they have heard such sounds.  The joy this creates for a number of the students is incredible and gives me great satisfaction.  The support team of TA's and Communicators were brilliant, and made the workshops run smoothly, with great humour. But of course the students were the stars overcoming many skills and communication difficulties brilliantly.
Many thanks to the Exeter Deaf Academy.


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