Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The First FAIRFAX:GREEN gig at the First Johnny Doo Salon Sessions


Perform live for the first time at the Johnny Doo Salon Sessions.
A new venue for Somerset, and boy does it need one, so a big hurrah for
Johnny Doo.
In Broadway near Ilminster a barn converted into a venue,  MuffinWood has created for the event an 8 metre long instrument he calls the 'electric fence', a length of wire with attached piezo mics, magnets and speakers, covered in silver foil and LED's, it produced a sonic note around C major with the ability to be caressed, bent, struck, bowed et al. So that is how the evening started to a selected audience feasting on fine soup and bread and copious amounts of tea.  The drone droned and then a surprise to the evening and Rosie May Giblett, a young singer songwriter sang three songs of extraordinary beauty, a voice drenched in honey and someone to check out on her soundcloud/rosie-may and her bandcamp: rosiemaymusic.bandcamp.com

Rupert and I dressed in black walked to the stage a fair few nerves running, but a confidence in what we do.  We started and for 38 minutes the whole barn was filled with our evocative music, bringing images to the imagination, a journey deep, deep into the subconscious of the listener.
Sara made notes in a book I have reproduced here.

The gig was a resounding success, the BulBul Tarang perform well, and Rupert and I are now certain we are onto something here, we need to take it on..This performance will be on my soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/michael-fairfax

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