Friday, 7 June 2013

BulBul Tarang

One day I was reading the 'Wire' and it mentioned that 'Ashley Paul' had become interested in Bul Bul Tarang's, I am sure you can imagine I needed to know what one of those was instantly, so with the joy of an ipad and internet connection soon I was feasting my eyes on these fantastic looking instruments, made from typewriter keys and a set of strings.  As I love making my own instruments I really had to make one of these, in my own fashion of course.  Not knowing remotely the mechanics of playing I went about disembowelling an old portable typewriter and fashioning a method of movement for the keys, as the typewriter mechanism isn't right for the BulBul!   In these ensuing weeks I have had as much pleasure as a man can have creating this instrument, and today I finished it, plug it in to an amp and droned away, pressing keys, creating rhythmic drones. fantastic fun and now I will be able to play this instrument at the gig on the 16th June near Ilminster, It makes huge sense for you all to be there too!  See flyer below.

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