Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Fish Bass

The latest instrument for the 'under a new sun' show in West Coker. SAW starting next week on the 16th September.
This instrument is amazing to play.

The very heavy piano wire when hit with the felt beaters reverberates around ones body, with a gently agitation of the wood the struck wire produces curious harmonics, it is a joy to behold and so satisfying to play.

To get the agitation one has to sway and so playing is almost a choreography, this is surely going to tempt everyone to the gig at West Coker on the 2nd of October with Philip Heyman viola, Jessica Curry piano, Jules Bushell bass, Tim Hill, saxophone and others, Barry Witherden korg kaosillator, keyboard. Rupert Green vocals, Michael Fairfax, assorted made instruments, guitar, korg kaosillator, ipad, laptop. Starts at 7.30pm. See: for details.


  1. These look brilliant. Good luck with the event. Shame Hendrix is dead - or is he?

  2. ha ha.....should be a cracking event..thanks mr joeyboy