Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rosliston Cloud Benches

They came from the sky

two clouds

cirrus and cumulus

The boys came to install

they lay

They spotted cirrus and cumulus

The boys dug out the turf

to lay the benches

The boys are happy with their handiwork

The boys left

a good job done

Cirrus and Cumulus

have found their sacred ground

So please now visit Rosliston Forestry Centre

lie on the cloud benches and watch

the clouds scudding by.

You can also watch the stars at night.



  1. finally got to look at these, M. they look great! what a productive year for you. Rx

  2. Thanks r, yes it has, wait until you hear the latest piece I have made for the gig, it sounds fantastic and looks pretty good, pic up tomorrow. Mx

  3. Brilliant. Every garden should have a cloud bench - shame Osgood is no longer with us - he could have '9' on his. A squad of cloud benches does it for me.

  4. jo, i would give you one but fear a touch of cramp, it might not last the ninety minutes.