Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Young Wood Tree Harp Workshop

Young Wood on the Blackdown Hills.  A community Woodland, a wonderful wood, a place of bush craft and workshops managed by Gavin Saunders and Jenny Archard.
I was invited to hold a tree harp workshop in the wood for the volunteers. We gathered on saturday weather good and all in good spirits.  Gavin and I had previously sourced an ash tree thats limb had split and although still alive it balanced on the floor before elevating itself again. It had a number of good forks in it for the harps and the height meant people could work at a comfortable level.
I took a number of my hand held tree harps to explain the methodology of the tree harp and of we all went knives, axes, bow saws and drills.  once everyone had decided which bit of the tree suited them they set about making turning pegs to hold and tighten the nylon.  Only one injury and the day was a total pleasure, everyone really got into the spirit of it and the wonder of the sounds being heard in the tree.  People came up with great ideas and we even had a tremolo arm created by one of the participants.  Exotic Bridges for the strings, beautifully shaped listening points, exceptional group.

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