Monday, 22 September 2014

Ballad of the Paddled Ore

Now back in Britain after a fantastic time at I-Park in Connecticut.  So the main commission is this, a pendulum, a holding unit, the strings and soundboard of a piano, all thrown together with massive help from the brothers Steve and Bill plus Gary who dismantled and rebuilt the stone wall!  The pendulum is weighted so it gentle moves in the wind thus enabling the plumb bobs and fishing weights to move back and forth against the the strings of the piano this creates sound.  The sculpture was part of the 'Illuminations' show at I-Park so it was lit with the help and expertise of Scott and Tom. at night the sculpture took on a whole new persona and became quite a menacing presence.  Videos will follow on my vimeo account at a later date.

carrying the piano to site

Steve and Bill making the base

Gary rebuilding the stone wall

The weights and plumb bobs (noise makers)

Tom fixing the interior lights

Lights at night

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