Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Walking Stick Harp

I found the bottom piece of oak in my wood a few years ago and it has sat around my studio waiting for me to come up with something that would do it justice, now of course I am creating these musical instruments the problem was solved and 'The Walking Stick Harp' has been created.  The bottom strings can be struck with a purpose built stick/plectrum or played by hand, one listens to the top angular section of the walking stick that is charred and inserted into the oak, the sound as has been consistent with all my listening harps is transmitted through the wood and is heard with a resonance and timbre that cannot be heard acoustically.

I have also started the numbers for the Bottle Kiln Court project in West Brierley, this is a slow job. I am off to America again in September for a commission at I-Park.  Busy times.

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