Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Quaduke, raising money for 10 radio

On thursday the 3rd of april at 8.00 at the White Hart Hotel in Wiveliscombe there is to be an 'Auction of Promises' to raise money for the local community radio station that broadcasts out of Wiveliscombe, and yes I have been known to partake in a few shows over the years.
So for this 'Auction of Promises' I have created a small musical instrument called 'Quaduke', this instrument has a sliding bridge that means it can be played in many ways and has an array of sounds.
Too bid for this instrument you will have to be at the White Hart from 8.00 onwards or contact me at: michaelfairfax@eclipse.co.uk with your pledge and I will put it forward.  There is a reserve price of £100.00.
It is made from oak with steel strings that can be tuned.

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