Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Colour Blindness

Some of you may know already and to others this may be a shock but I am colour blind, red, green and brown and quite common in men, it might be the reason I create black sculptures and shy away from colour in my work and it is certainly why I shied away from painting.  So this piece reminds me of all those colour blind test I have failed at, no I can't see a 7 or a boat or a whatever else one was meant to see, I just saw dots, so this sculpture makes me smile, it's black and there are no images to be seen, just holes and light and lovely it is too, any colour is the colour of the real world coming through the holes rather like  John Cages's silent piano piece 4.33.
I have been busy in the workshop and over the next few weeks some more pieces will appear, plus I now have two looper pedals and my sound work is developing along nicely as well and hopefully the announcement of a gig at the beginning of february, keep the first free in your diaries.
Happy New Year.

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