Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Trowbridge Bronze Beer Caps

Crazy stuff, from making ear trumpets to etching and patinering the bronzes for the Trowbridge Bronze Beer Cap Trail.
After a tricky period where the foundry told me they couldn't cast the finest of the letters in my patterns, to me having to learn how to do bronze etching, a journey which has been fantastic as I have learnt a new skill, and one I  would love to develop. My Silhouette Cameo came into its own, creating the very small and tricky lettering and cutting it in vinyl, hours of painstaking application of vinyl as a resist to the 80 bronzes, placing the bronzes in Ferric Chloride and the wonders of etching, cleaning, and then the use of nitic acid to produce a patination to the finished pieces, and finally wet and drying the surfaces to produce the worn effect I wanted.  I have to also say a huge thank you to Sara for all the hard work she put in and also Billie-Daisy for helping out too.

These are to be set into the paving around a new housing estate in Trowbridge, built by Newlands, and with a public art policy.  The site was the old Ushers Bottling factory hence the beer cap trail.

So to date we have installed, new fencing with a diamond design, individual ceramic numbers for each house, slate diamonds with images, the centenary seats with the text, and now the bronzes, next up tree grill and guards, a terrific project and huge thanks to Tom Sheppard at Newlands and Diana Hatton, the public art consultant for all their help and support.

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